Friday, February 5, 2010

Tunisian Tourism

Tourists like Tunisia for beach recreation, maritime walks, thalassotherapy at affordable prices. Tours in Tunisia is a wonderful mix of family and health holidays. Best Resorts in Tunisia are luxury Hammamet, noisy youth Sousse, Mahdia few people on the quiet, modern resort area north of Skanes Monastir.

Tourists in Tunisia cmay have an interesting excursion program: here are the ruins of ancient Carthage, the holy Muslim city of Kairouan, numerous mosques, ancient fortresses, archeological and historical museums.

Most of the hotels of Tunisia are of European class, with large green areas, although many of them are quite old. Tunisia is an African country, but more europeanized than Egypt.

If you are around the orange, olive and lemon groves, you can safely pick the fruits. But first get permission from located somewhere near the guard. In resort areas tourists can wear easily and freely. But in the capital and the old Muslim quarters of the town in shorts and t-shirts it is not better to walk around. In your hotel's beach or the pool of your hotel, women can afford themselves to tan topless. During the Ramadan, visitors better to refrain from smoking, drinking and eating on the streets of cities. It is better not to offer Tunisians to smoke, drink wine or beer, especially to do this together. In hotels you can safely drink and smoke, and you politely cater waiter who fasts. If you come across a man who commits a kneeling prayer, calmly walk behind him. Do not think carefully veiled women. In the hotels and shops made greeting. In shops where prices are displayed, to bargain should not be. Stay vigilant: in crowded places "work" pickpockets. Photography of official buildings is forbidden. It is strictly forbidden to take photos or a video camera at the presidential palace. Police personnel are washed or exposing. Tunisians, without first obtaining their consent, it is better not to take photographs.

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