Monday, September 3, 2012


Luxor, a city on the site where a few thousand years ago was the capital of ancient Egypt - Thebes. This and a number of various antiquities, which attract millions of tourists. Generally ancient Thebes consisted of two parts - the "city living", where the pharaohs ruled, and "City of the Dead", where they were buried.

Statues of Amenhotep III. Earlier they were standing in front of the funerary temple of Pharaoh, but for three thousand years, the Nile washed away the temple, and statues themselves in the 27th BC damaged by the earthquake. One statue obtained from cracks in the ancient world has earned the reputation of a "singing", so that even in those years here were pulled crowds.

Temple of Hatshepsut.

The view from the temple in the neighborhood

Valley of the King It is a place where thousands of years buried their dead pharaohs. The most famous is the tomb was discovered the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun, discovered in 1922, together with all the gold ornaments. All other tombs were looted long ago. What is interesting, as it now appears, looting engaged contemporaries pharaohs. They simply bribed officials, who had to watch the graves, and were left there to dig the treasure.

The last point of the program - funerary temple of Ramses III - Medinget Abu. The temple is quite well preserved, and is particularly well preserved inscriptions on its walls depicting the attack on Egypt some "Sea Peoples" and the victory of Ramesses III over them.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tsavo National Park. Kenya

Tsavo -  is the largest national park in Kenya (Tsavo East Area - 13,747 and Western - 9,065 sq km)

The park occupies a strategic position halfway between two major cities in Kenya - Nairobi and Mombasa. This makes it possible to include the park in full safari tour of Kenya's national parks and in the options for the lazy - beach vacation on the coast + 2 - 3 day safari.

Monday, June 11, 2012

"King Kong is alive" or "In search of mountain gorillas in the heart of Africa"

Total in the world today there are about 800 species of mountain gorillas (all in central Africa - Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo). In the forests of Virunga National Park, inhabited by several families that are visited by tourists. The family consists of a leader, several females and young animals. To one family can come for a visit a day up to 6 people and only 1 hour.

Gorillas do not sit in one place. Every day, the family moved to a new location. Park rangers track these movements, so a successful visit by the guest is almost guaranteed.

Monday, June 4, 2012

African Beauty...

In Africa, there is a tribe called Fulani. The boys are obsessed with the male beauty. Before marriage, each youth must take part in the 7-day beauty contest. To look like real model, every young person uses makeup, trying to be like an attractive woman. The lips are covered by a special dark lipstick, and her head is decorated with curls. The desired effect is achieved by hanging on both sides of his face strands sheep beards, beads and rings. During the seven-day marathon of beauty built young man in a long line and gently, with a graceful woman, shaking her hips.

In order to further emphasize its irresistible male beauty, they roll out the eyes and bare the teeth, thus demonstrating their remarkable whiteness. However, the presence of abundant plaster on his face and wiggle your hips, not all. The following is the test of physical endurance, which would not like the modern "dandies." Each of the participants in the male beauty contest chooses a man, so that he carved it as a gray goat.

When a young man lashed with his whip on the ocher-colored edges, it must prove his courage, and, hence, sexy, quiet, no dodging, surviving torture.

At the same time either guy can safely put your hands on his head, or go through bead necklaces, no matter his painted face looking in the mirror. From whipping scars on his body remain, and for life, which are considered to be an ornament men.

In the Fulani tribe are so much appreciated the men beauty, since the birth of a child, his mother is making tremendous efforts to make him irresistible man - handsome. It puts pressure on his head, to achieve the ideal spherical shape.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The restaurant on the cliff...

This seafood restaurant is located on a  coastal cliff near the famous beach in Zanzibar - Michanvi Pingve. So restaurant is called - "Rock"

The restaurant can sail on a boat, but you can go barefoot in the sand - the owners will not be offended if you bring the sand to clean their floors. Because the floor is missing.

Sand instead of parquet, rough wooden benches, cane canopy and sea view, and it seems that in this restaurant filmed all existing movies  about the resorts.

During low tide you can go to a restaurant on the sea bottom.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lemurs Are At Risk Of Exctintion In Madagascar

The destruction of the traditions in Madagascar has led to an increase in hunting of lemurs - animals listed in the Red Book. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), all 21 species of primates that live mainly in forested areas of the island, are threatened with extinction.

According to a survey conducted by researchers among the inhabitants of 1.2 thousand households east of Madagascar, it was found that indigenous Malagasies (Malagasy) is virtually gone. Meanwhile, traditionally the locals were the protectors of the lemurs, honoring them as grandparents.

However, the processes of globalisation associated with the arrival of foreign workers in gold mines, led to the violation of cultural taboos, reports RIA. For immigrants the local taboos are nothing but lemurs - only animals that can be used as food.

The problem of extinction of lemurs activists began to talk a few years ago, but now the situation has become critical. Scientists are reminded that hunting in these primates leads to rapid destruction of their as lemurs reach sexual maturity only at nine years and produce offsprings only once at 2-3 years.

Now their population is rapidly decreasing, and if we do not take any action - for example, does not prohibit the hunting of lemurs in law, these animals in the forests of Madagascar will simply disappear.