Monday, January 25, 2010

South Africa has everything...

South Africa has everything... Sunny beaches, ski resorts, animals - from elephants to penguins, magnificent hotels, diamonds, which, like seeds, and sell on every street corner, souvenirs from ostrich eggs, and aboriginal villages, where "amulet from the clutches of a wild tiger, killed only yesterday" will be imposed to you...

In the Republic of South Africa live almost 43 million people. 13 % white, others various brown shades. On the one hand, they are incredibly kind and willing chatted with you for several hours. On the other - to play with them is not worth it. All major cities have neighborhoods on which the cars drive through a tightly battened doors and windows, as fraught - Weapons in South Africa sold freely, and if the machine stops, there is no guarantee that the passengers will not be robbed. The authorities of such "pranks" are well aware, and we must give them their due - in dangerous places hang signs: "Beware, there being robbed!" Or "Watch out, there is often stealing the car!".

By the way, about the cars. Without them in South Africa, you will not manage, there is no public transport in the country . Hope for a few trips around is not worth it. They are used only by negros (by the way, do not so call them!), and what they would be - "good" or "evil" - is unknown. Picking up your car, you will not regret it - the roads in South Africa are very nice, go here very carefully. The main thing - to make the correct route, so as not to miss the most interesting.

The most beautiful buildings of the city center - Mail, Central Library, the Museum's history and the Museum of Fine Arts. The last interesting collection of works by Picasso, Van Gogh and Rodin. However, at the center of Johannesburg, or, as the local, Yoburga, bad reputation - there the punks with great pleasure are robbing tourists walking alone and there is not worth it. So where the visitors are more interested in the suburbs. Soweto, for example, where he works great amusement park "Gold Reef City", broken on the site of gold mines. By purchasing a ticket, you can go down into the mine and to see how to become molten gold into ingots. You can also go to the Sterkfontein Caves and thorough inspection of 6 underground rooms, in one of which was discovered the skull of the famous Mrs. Ples - the primitive woman who lived more than two million years ago.

The city is famous for the fact that there are no bad weather. Bathing season lasts all year round, and splash in the sea can be without fear or favor - along the beaches are special nets shark. Another attraction - the aquarium "Shaka Marine WORLD". The abundance of fish and marine creatures are impressive. As well as the interior - one of the exhibits located in a building designed to mimic the wreck. Do not forget to look at the famous National Museum, which holds the embryo of an elephant weighing 11 grams, the meteorite to 48 kilograms, and other lovely tourist heart of curiosity.

Another attraction - the National Botanical Garden, where sighted visitors have a special section with a delicious sweet-smelling flowers. Crocodile Farm Durban is not too impressive - toothed monsters lazy and stalled only when they bring lunch chicken carcasses. The sight is impressive. Smacking smacking ... ... And no birds. If the guide will offer to go to the suburb of Ulundi, agree. There lives the Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini. At the reception did not get, but look at the main Zulus will be able to. If you're lucky, you will sing for natives and splyashut. Singing beautifully, dances are original - Zulus high lift their legs and feet hit with force on the ground, because we believe: the one who frail and unable to lift up his legs, generally no reason to live.

Drakensberg - it is a fantastic basalt wall 250 miles long, an ornament which is a mountain Tkabana-Ntlenyana. They say that once on the tops of Drakensberg mountains inhabited by a mysterious monster. Search it not worth it, but fib about what they saw traces of his claws, is not precluded.

Kruger Park - gentlemen, are the beasts!

The park covers an area the size of a small state, the main "subjects" which - elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, leopards, cheetahs, buffaloes and other African fowl. Those who wish to merge with the African nature can for a few days to reserve this bungalow. Thus it is necessary to know - without a walk in the park ranger fraught with surprises. There were times when buffaloes or elephants upset the cars of tourists who were hunting for successful snapshots, but had no idea how long the animals are going to tolerate the proximity of strangers. And in general, before going on safari with the guests take a subscription, which can be regarded as the testament - like, if I eat animals, himself a fool, ignored safety rules. But the risk still stands. Observe wild animals from the open jeep - employment, in good tickling nerves.

The traditional attire of modern a black beauty - shoes with heels, skirt, training pants and ... knitted hat. At the same time the ladies are incredibly sexy, and in general, in South Africa it is impossible not to think about sex, and the climate and nature naughty thoughts only help. If you still have decided on a swift affair, observe precautions. In South Africa, is quite simple to pick up HIV infection, people are very careless and does not like to protect themselves. For example, one of the local black politicians, who once raped a woman with AIDS who publicly insists that he fell ill because of time took a shower. And condoms, he assures us, came up with white, so as not to give a black breed.

Appetizer Zulu

Cuisine of South Africa is not anything special is to require a hip restaurant crocodile tails, stuffed monkeys, makes no sense. Although a lot of meat here. Anyone. And for every taste. At some ostrich farms are served, for example, delicious sausages from strausyatiny and steaks out of it the same. To wash down the meat can be a wonderful local wine. Who's tried it, he knows the taste of the divine ambrosia. Do not be afraid to drink African beer «Castle» and «Lion», it is more than worthy. Do not miss the opportunity to devour two or three burvorsov - amazing pancakes stuffed with offal. Be sure to tip the cup "Amoruly" - intoxicating drink, produced from local fruit.

Currency - the Rand. For 100 $ you get 730 rands. Most banks will exchange your traveler's checks for local currency, the percentage of commission is approximately 1%. Receipts on the exchange store until departure - before departure you can change the remaining Randa for dollars.
Rent a car - about 210 rand a day. Rent a car can be of any holder of international driving permit. Minimum rental period - 24 hours.

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