Friday, January 15, 2010

Beautiful, mysterious African country of Morocco ...

Beautiful, mysterious African country of Morocco ... It has absorbed the spirit of history and is famous for its many local attractions. Trip to the Thousand and One Nights "gives a lot of unforgettable moments and saturate your life with a variety of entertainment to your taste.

The bright blue doors and red walls, honey-sweet figs and tart-bitter mint tea, stone sun Essaouira and the heart of Marrakesh - vociferous Jam El Fna, boiling the ocean and the pink silk of the Atlas Mountains, casbah, canyons, desert - all these and even more - Morocco.

In Morocco, a buzzing nightlife goes on until the dawn, as in European countries. Alcohol is not prohibited.

As in other eastern countries, Morocco decided to bargain. So do not hesitate to go for souvenirs at the bazaar and traded to exhaustion. Each city in Morocco have their favorite types of trades handled by local residents.

In Essaouira better to buy souvenirs (paintings, lamps made of leather), national clothes and items from Tui. In a large salon quality is higher, but the price match. In the Medina in the shops cheaper by 30-50%, but lower quality. In Casablanca, European things known model homes are sold cheaper than doubled. Smuggled watches famous brands - from 10 to 50 USD. In Fes - souvenirs, gold. In Rabat - souvenirs, carpets, leather. In Marrakesh prices higher, a lot of European goods.

During the period of Ramadan (from December to February) it is forbidden to eat and drink until the sun goes down, forbidden to drink alcohol (even tourists), stores the day working with a shorter working day or do not work at all.

It is accepted to eat with your hands, 3-name fingers of his right hand, folded in a pinch. Do not touch the food with his left hand, regarded as "unclean". At the beginning of lunch is often served in a bowl with hot pink "water for washing hands. Bread, as a symbol of prosperity, should be consumed sparingly and with dignity.

There are many pickpockets in Morocco, so you should take the usual safety measures - do not wear a wallet in an easily accessible outside pockets of clothes, cameras and purses - only on a belt, do not leave in the car or put the machine only to parking lot security guards specially serviced (shall be uniform tokens).

Under no circumstances it is not recommended to enter into any negotiations or dealings with persons in pursuit of tourists. Do not follow the advice, suggestions, and "friendly" recommendations of the local population. Do not believe the assurances of the absence of a bus, on a cheap souvenirs in a single bench, ended on tickets and so on.

Holidays in Morocco - is the perfect beginning for those who intend to travel to Africa and to explore its beauty.

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