Friday, May 14, 2010


For those who are not strong in geography: the island of Mauritius - a small island in the Indian Ocean.

On the island there is no industry. No industrial giants - not at all. On the island of Mauritius there are only sugar cane fields (this is the main source of income for the island) and tourism. Moreover, intelligent Mauritians specifically restrict the development of tourism: the island should remain a special place rent. And, in general, they know what they do. After all, on the island of Mauritius for the pleasure of tourists provided absolutely everything: beautiful beaches are waiting for you, magical lagoons, luxuriant vegetation, majestic mountains.

Mauritius is replete with treasures of nature and architectural monuments. This is one of the most pleasant impressions of the island of Mauritius keeps the hospitality and cordiality of Mauritians. For centuries, residents came here from all continents. Today on the Mauritius live Creoles, Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Madagascarians, Africans, Europeans. They brought with them their customs, language, religion, who are trying to carefully observe. So in the holiday calendar Mauritius Hindu holidays are replaced by Muslim, Christian, Tamil, Chinese ... Despite this all on the island of Mauritius Mauritian form a state, linked Creole language and dance Segal. So if you're desperate to meet the world's people live outside the racial or religious belief in peace and harmony, - go to Mauritius!

Mauritius forever conquer you a cocktail of unusual experiences and sensations, whether the distant mountain trail or a secluded beach. Spells of India are combined with a transparent blue lagoon abundant Creole markets with their intoxicating scent - with an amazing variety of underwater fauna, mysterious forests, rare plants - with a chic hotel.

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