Thursday, May 27, 2010

Giant sea turtles Aldabra

In Zanzibar are opened 2 new 5-star hotel - Bawe Tropical Island and Changuu Private Island Paradise (Prison Island). The first is located 10 km west of Zanzibar town. It offers 15 exclusive villas in the traditional style makuti, situated on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The second is located 6 km west of Zanzibar. All 15 hotel cottages are located in remote places. It overlooks the ocean.

In the southwestern part of the island is the former Quarantine Area built in 1931. The main attraction of the island - is the ruins of the former prison, in 1893, rebuilt after its destruction. Currently, the building houses a museum and an extensive library, as well as the frequency of cultural and musical events, reports Tourists staying in Changuu Private Island Paradise have a unique opportunity to observe local "people" - hundreds of giant sea turtles Aldabra, which appeared on the island in 1920. In addition, tourists can visit the Turtle House, home of the giant tortoises Defense Fund, which provides care for these rare representatives of the ancient reptiles.

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