Friday, May 21, 2010

Nairobi - "the city under the sun"?

Once one of the most prosperous and beautiful cities in Africa, "African London" - the capital of Nairobi, Kenya - was considered, alas, to be one of the most dangerous on the continent. The verdict could not be believed, if he had not been made by the UNO.

United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat), whose headquarters is just located in Nairobi, found that the Kenyan capital for the level of crime came out on top in Africa. According to the report "Crime in Nairobi today," prepared for the survey of more than ten thousand people, 37% of the capital inhabitants of Kenya reported that were the victims of robberies and 22% went through thefts and 18% - felt under attacks.

In the majority of robberies was used violence, resulting in 40% of victims were injured. Against women were often used fists, against the men - edged weapon. Regarding entrepreneurs, one third of whom admitted that they was robbed, almost 80% of crimes were committed using handguns and machine guns.

The poll found an extreme distrust of Kenyans to the police. Residents of the capital believe that the guardians of order, are directly or indirectly involved in every third crime. Among those crimes which, according to respondents, are committed by people in uniform, appear bribes, collusion with criminals, and even personal involvement in robbery and looting. Furthermore, Kenyans do not like the police readiness to open fire at the slightest suspicion. The average law enforcement officials are targeting at least 200 people, not all of whom are guilty of violating the law. In the category of those who promote the growth of crime, and flooding hit the city streets with street children.

The crime rampancy has led to the fact that residents of the Kenyan capital of all rarely come to help the victims. According to the poll, 60% of the involuntary witnesses to the crime pretended not to see anything.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the population Nairobi did not feel safe even in their own home. For example, 75% said they are afraid to stay home at night, and half - even during the day. Nearly all strongly rejected the possibility of a walk through downtown after dusk.

Even in the 80 years of Nairobi was considered a relatively safe place and in tourist guides poetically named "the city under the sun". In recent years, Nairobi "fights" for the title of crime capital of Africa with South Africa's Johannesburg and Lagos in Nigeria. Kenyans are increasingly called hometown Nayrobberi, forming a neologism from the name of the capital and the English word "robbery".

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