Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rwanda - the most popular country in East Africa

According to research experts from the World Economic Forum in Rwanda - the only country in the whole of East Africa receiving the highest marks among tourists. This is the result of hard work, tourist authorities of the state. Besides the natural attractions of particular value to travellers, Rwanda stands out neighbours infrastructure. It has expanded and improved road network, constantly opening up new national parks.

Program for the Protection of Forests conducted in Rwanda was also useful. Now tourists are attracted to the country not only an opportunity to see the gorillas, but also visit the national parks in general. The most popular nature reserve today is open a few years ago, Nyungwe Park. In addition, the country has visa-free relations with many countries in the world. Accordingly, the tourists do not need to spend time getting visas, and they begin to feel the hospitality of Rwanda still at the planning journey.

In the second place in popularity in the region is Kenya. 2010 became its "best of all time in the tourism sector." Its success with the tourists Kenya owes a massive advertising campaigns for a long time as both existing and emerging tourism markets in the world.

Not as stable and comfortable in the position of Uganda in the field of tourism in East Africa. While national parks and attractions in it than in Rwanda, a country can not boast of a developed tourist infrastructure.

The government does not work to improve their tourism offices and does not invest enough money in the sector. The crisis has touched and the Society for the Protection of Wildlife of Uganda (UWA). Several years ago, the government invested in a massive advertising campaign on CNN, which lasted 6 months and has been quite successful. But the effect of the campaign is long over, and Uganda are still in dire need of tourists.

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