Friday, November 27, 2009

An African hunting safari...

An African hunting safari will be an event that will be one of the great adventures and most exciting experience of your whole life. Hunting South Africa in the hauntingly beautiful and historic Eastern Cape Province, in the true Bushveld where the Kudu, Impala, Springbok and Bushbuck call home, will leave you with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. You not only will be treated like royalty but will discover the nature and the ambience of Africa in the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible in the Dark Continent.

South Africa provides some of Africa's best hunting but don't expect to forage into the vast untrammeled wilderness fighting off marauding Lion and fierce warlike savages, much like Selous or Burton did, you'll will be disappointed.

Zambia offers hunting in the classical sense, vast open wilderness concessions where Africa's large beasts wander freely, pretty much as they did a 100 years ago in relative solitude. Of all Africa's hunting countries, Zambia must stand amongst the top 3 as the destination of choice for those seeking the true African hunting experience. No matter if you're after the larger beasts or simply seeking the solitude of an African wilderness hunt, Zambia is where you'll find the safari of your dreams.

Zambia offers lion, leopard, cape buffalo, sable, sitatunga, roan, plus many of Africa's other common plains antelope.

In addition, Zambia has some magnificent private unfenced hunting properties which have excellent trophy quality and species not found in South Africa or Namibia - the best available trophies in the country are: Sable, Sitatunga, Roan, Livingstone's Eland, Puku, Chobe Bushbuck, Sharpe's Grysbok, Kafue Lechwe, Black Lechwe, Defassa Waterbuck plus all the other prime animals like very big Kudu (55" plus), Warthog etc.

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