Monday, April 8, 2013

Lalibela. Church in Ethiopia

The main shrine Lalibela - 11 monolithic, carved in volcanic tuff nave churches.

Built these churches - King Gebre Meskel Lalibela of the dynasty Zagwe

According to the calculations of archeologists, so he drew about 40,000 people.

Lalibela tried to build a New Jerusalem in response to the capture of the "old" Israel, Muslims in 1187.

That is why many objects in town are of biblical names: flowing in a river called the Jordan, although Jordan is very birthplace of Christ removed from the capital.

Is there and such churches as Bete Golgota - Holy Sepulcher and the Bat Medhane Alem - Church of the Savior.

First Church of Christ the Savior Cathedral, Bet Medhane Alem (Beta Medan Alem).

It contains the cross of Lalibela.

Underground tunnel goes into the next temple, Maryum. Church of Our Lady.

It is a rectangular church is the most ornate church of Lalibela.

Beta Golgotha ​​(Calvary Bethe) (home of the tomb of King Lalibela), Debre Sina.

The Church of St. George - built in the shape of a cross at the top and has a beautiful view - in a deep pit is a building height of forty feet, carved into the rock cross.

The church which is located in a cave.

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