Monday, June 4, 2012

African Beauty...

In Africa, there is a tribe called Fulani. The boys are obsessed with the male beauty. Before marriage, each youth must take part in the 7-day beauty contest. To look like real model, every young person uses makeup, trying to be like an attractive woman. The lips are covered by a special dark lipstick, and her head is decorated with curls. The desired effect is achieved by hanging on both sides of his face strands sheep beards, beads and rings. During the seven-day marathon of beauty built young man in a long line and gently, with a graceful woman, shaking her hips.

In order to further emphasize its irresistible male beauty, they roll out the eyes and bare the teeth, thus demonstrating their remarkable whiteness. However, the presence of abundant plaster on his face and wiggle your hips, not all. The following is the test of physical endurance, which would not like the modern "dandies." Each of the participants in the male beauty contest chooses a man, so that he carved it as a gray goat.

When a young man lashed with his whip on the ocher-colored edges, it must prove his courage, and, hence, sexy, quiet, no dodging, surviving torture.

At the same time either guy can safely put your hands on his head, or go through bead necklaces, no matter his painted face looking in the mirror. From whipping scars on his body remain, and for life, which are considered to be an ornament men.

In the Fulani tribe are so much appreciated the men beauty, since the birth of a child, his mother is making tremendous efforts to make him irresistible man - handsome. It puts pressure on his head, to achieve the ideal spherical shape.

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